My Services

I am available to speak to your large or small audiences, write for publications, deliver professional development workshops and seminars, or contact me to further discuss your specific needs. Scroll through the MY MEDIA menu to view video, interviews, articles, presentations, speeches, blogs, and any media about my work. Check the MY CONNECTION menu to see the groups and individuals I am working with. These include principal and senior leadership appraisal and mentoring, professional development, speaking, research, and writing.

Professional Development

Achieving equity for all New Zealand’s children and young people is the major challenge for our education system.

  •  In order to contribute to addressing inequity ERO reviews in primary schools now start with a focus on Māori student achievement, and ask the main evaluative question: How effectively does this school respond to Māori students whose learning and achievement needs acceleration? 
  • The Government’s strategy for Māori Education, Ka Hikitia, also talks of “accelerating success” with the vision of “Māori children enjoying education success and achievement as Māori.” 

But there is not much point in “accelerating” success and achievement, if we haven’t defined what it isWhat does “as Māori” or “as” whoever you are, actually mean? Is it simply literacy, numeracy, and NCEA results and percentages – the outcomes that lie at the heart of these official initiatives – or does your school want wider and culturally responsive, and culturally sustaining, understanding of success and achievement?

How can schools ensure all students have strength in their own cultural identity?  Contact me to find out more about this type of professional development:

  • For you as a teacher in your classroom or your team
  • For you as a professional leader in your school
  • For your whole staff – through one-off staff meetings, or a series of workshops
  • To co-construct a professional development programme for your school


My practice as a principal, my doctoral research, and my experience are in the leadership and development of culturally responsive, culturally sustaining, critical pedagogy.  I offer a range of appraisal and mentoring options, which are developed and planned with you, to strengthen and support your leadership in this crucially important practice. Contact me to find out more about:

  • A three-year appraisal/mentoring progression designed to shift your leadership from awareness to embedded practice in your school
  • A one-year appraisal package which will challenge your thinking about culturally sustaining practice
    • Both of these options can be widened to include your senior leadership team
  • An online appraisal/mentoring option for rural and smaller-school principals

Speaking & Workshops 

I am available for speaking engagements or to facilitate workshops, or a combination of both. I guarantee to challenge your thinking about the monocultural nature of our education systems and schooling, and the barriers that creates for students who are not from this group in our education process.

For recent and upcoming speaking engagements check the "Where am I" menu on this website.