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uLearn17 Conference

uLearn17 Keynote Speaker  

Colouring in the White Spaces:  Cultural Identity and Community in Whitestream Schools. 

11–13 October 2017
Claudelands Events Centre
Hamilton, New Zealand

ABSTRACT: Dr Milne’s presentation will ask us to think about what community and collaboration look like for the learners our system marginalises and minoritises. When we talk about educational success “as Māori”, what does this actually mean and how do our institutionalised practices and solutions actually work against this goal?  In the pressure we face to collaborate, who is our community and how does our practice reflect their reality? 
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uLearn17 Conference Workshop

Workshop: Auditing our White Spaces: Where are you at, and where do you want to be?

ABSTRACT: Recently a senior Māori student in a small, predominantly Māori secondary school asked me how she could challenge her school to provide more relevant contexts for her learning. She had insisted on studying a New Zealand writer as an alternative to Shakespeare’s Othello. She was told however, she would receive no support with the text she had selected because it was not the teacher’s choice, and was different from the chosen class text.

A secure cultural identity develops in a school when the environment and the ecosystem of the school support that development, provide opportunities for learning, practising, and normalising cultural values, and embed these in teacher and school practice. We cannot support cultural identity if we are not intentionally providing opportunities for it to develop, but where do we start? This workshop will give you tools for checking your class or your school ecosystems to deepen your thinking about critical, culturally responsive practice.
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Teach for All: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusiveness Fellowship.

  • Upena Street Waianae, HI, 96792 United States (map)
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Speaker/Facilitator at this international event, with educators and allies from Australia, Hawaii, mainland USA, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and the UK. The rationale for this fellowship states: 

This DEI Fellowship was designed to address a dire, yet woefully unfulfilled, need for anyone involved in educational equity or reform work - locally, nationally or globally.

Often times, we approach the work of improving the educational and broader life experiences of the students and families we serve from a “WHAT” perspective, when it should be led from a “WHO” perspective - “WHO are we in relation to the students and communities we serve? WHO do we need to become in order to do this work? WHO do we need guiding us? And what is OUR RIGHTFUL ROLE?”
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Global Virtual Roundtable: Growing Students as Leaders of a Better Future.

On 19 and 20 July, I will be participating with 4-5 others at the "centre table" in this Global Virtual Roundtable (8.00 to 10.30am NZT) - an event from the Teach for All Global Learning Lab. In New Zealand the Teach for All partner organisation is Ako Mātātupu/Teach First NZ. Read more about this event below:

A Pair of Challenging Questions

"Across the Teach For All network, our partner organizations in 45 countries work with
students served by education systems that were designed for different purposes, futures, and children. We aspire to develop collective leadership to challenge and change those systems to unleash all children’s potential as leaders of a better future for themselves and all of us. We are finding people across and beyond our network are wrestling with two interrelated questions that arise from that aspiration:

  1. What broader student outcomes should be pursued with and for students, and why?
  2. How do we best support students to grow toward those broader outcomes?"

The Roundtable format is described by Teach for All in this way:

"Imagine a lively video-conference debate/wrangle, stoked with instant survey data from participants, virtual visits to classrooms, challenges from students, etc.  We would have you and a few other global visionaries with divergent perspectives at the “center table” of the experience, and participants would work to distill actionable insights from your debates with each other.  

So imagine a virtual “fishbowl” style learning experience, where you are having an indepth discussion with a few other people, but dozens of other people are watching and challenging that conversation at key times."

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    Te Taitokerau Leadership Summit

    Keynote Speaker

    The MOKO Foundation is hosting this first Leadership Summit in Waitangi. Their goal is "to bring together 30 inspirational leaders to add to each others basket of knowledge and create collaborative growth." The Summit is to acknowledge and celebrate Business, Education and Health leaders, as well as launching The MOKO Foundation ‘Hawea Vercoe Leadership Programme’. 



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    NZARE Conference

    • Vicoria University of Wellington (map)
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    Symposium (time to be confirmed): The Politics of Learning “as Māori”: Te Ao o Atareta (Atareta's World)

    1. Presenting Authors
    2. ·        Dr Ann Milne: Ann Milne Education 
    3. ·        Keri Milne-Ihimaera: Te Wānanga o Aotearoa
    4. ·        Kahurangi Maxwell: Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

    Atareta is six years old.  She is a fluent speaker of Māori who has been raised speaking te reo Māori exclusively. In this Symposium three generations of Atareta’s whānau, her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, discuss the readiness of our society for Atareta, and the barriers that face Māori whānau who want to claim educational sovereignty for their children in Aotearoa today.  

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