Kia Aroha College in Aotearoa New Zealand is the only school on this planet that we sought out for direct partnership when we opened Roses in Concrete Community School in East Oakland. Our decision to partner with Kia Aroha had everything to do with the leadership of Ann Milne and her understanding of what it means to build an institution that is truly culturally and community responsive from edge to edge, tip to finish. No one has been more influential in my understanding about what is possible and what we should be doing in schools serving our nation’s most vulnerable youth.

Jeff Duncan-Andrade PhD

Associate Professor
Raza Studies & Education
San Francisco State University.
Founder/Board Chair: Roses in Concrete
Co-Founder: The Teaching Excellence Network (TEN)
Co-Founder/Director of Educational Equity: I-SEEED

I have used Ann for the past two years to conduct my Principal’s appraisal, I have found this process incredibly beneficial and professionally challenging at many levels. Ann’s in-depth knowledge of the principal’s role and substantial pedagogical knowledge, which is internationally recognised, ensures that my appraisal process is not only robust, but evolves my practice and ability to be an effective and reflective leader of my own learning while providing clear and ethical leadership within my school.

Phil Gordon
Kelston Intermediate School
Auckland, NZ

When we thirst for hope, we are generously replenished when we are at Kia Aroha College. This school honors students and families among their greatest resources and they believe what Grace Lee Boggs posits, 'We are the leaders we are looking for.' A sterling example of leadership is the incredible Ann Milne. One needs only to examine the books on her bookshelf and visit her classrooms to see she is an incredible scholarly practitioner. I want to be in the world Kia Aroha builds - one that respects humanity, freedom, and 'undiscovered potential.' Hope thrives here."   

Suzanne SooHoo 2016
Hassinger Chair of Education
Chapman University