A Kia Aroha College week!

A school founded on the principles of social justice and a critical culturally responsive education model..... a school centered on Maori and Pasifika youth..... a school that offers a strong sense of whānau/family...... a school that is about creating an authentic context for genuine learning...... a school where minds are being decolonized and “whiteness” being removed from any aspect of their learning experience..... a school that all schools around the globe should be learning from and modeling after.

It's always great to be back at Kia Aroha College and last week was no exception. On Monday I was working with amazing teachers, brushing up on our critical pedagogy planning for next term. I also had the chance for a brief meeting with a new group of Warrior-Researchers, students I will have the privilege of working and researching with over the next few months.  

On Wednesday I was back talking to a group of visiting USA educators from the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education at the University of Vermont, and to welcome friends from Seattle, Washington. Appreciation to Tami Farber for the wonderful quote above from her post about her visit. That's very special!

On Thursday, the last day of the term, with the threat of a Cyclone Cook in the air, I had the honour of speaking to the co-principals and teachers from Samoa Primary School, and was delighted to find like-minds, and a school determined to work against those colonising White spaces in Samoa. I'm sure they found many connections in their visit to Kia Aroha's Samoan Bilingual unit later in the day.

Co-principals and teachers from Samoa Primary School visiting Kia Aroha College.

Co-principals and teachers from Samoa Primary School visiting Kia Aroha College.