"Teaching kids in poverty to ‘play the game’ is not enough"

They need to know how the game is rigged, how the game can be played, and how the game can be changed.

A great start to the weekend was to find an email had arrived overnight from international filmmaker, Faolan Jones, who produces powerful films from around the world for Teach for All. The first piece of news from Faolan, a couple of days ago, was to tell me the the draft of the film he made some time ago now about Kia Aroha College is almost ready. This morning's email invited me to check out his most recent Blog post, Teaching kids in poverty to ‘play the game’ is not enough, which he says, "is very much inspired by what I've learnt from you and Jeff" (Jeff Duncan-Andrade).

It's gratifying to know you have inspired anything, or anyone, but to know you have made some small contribution to such powerful and truthful writing is wonderful feedback indeed! Thank you Faolan! All school leaders and teachers need to read this.