What is "as Māori"? Ask some young people!

Are you still trying to fathom out what "success and achievement as Māori" those important, but often avoided, words in Ka Hikitia, actually mean? I asked Māori and Pasifika students!

At the 2015 New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) Conference,  the "Warrior-Researchers" - a group of students from Kia Aroha College, Otara, South Auckland, researched the vision of the Government’s Māori Education Strategy, Ka Hikitia, Accelerating Success 1913-1917  and presented their findings in a symposium entitled, Speaking out “as” us: Māori and Tongan secondary students investigate our education system’s vision for Māori and Pasifika learners. They received a standing ovation. With the group's permission, I am sharing the video of their presentation as it is still well worth the watch! (Click here or on the image below).

This year the Warrior-Researchers are at it again! The group in 2017 is comprised of nine Māori, Samoan, and Tongan students, and this time the Government’s Investing in Education Success (IES) policy and, in particular, the development within this policy, of Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako, have their attention. Their research has analysed the Endorsed Achievement Challenges of some 77 Communities of Learning and has explored these for their relevance to them as Māori and Pasifika learners, and for their critical and cultural responsiveness. They have interviewed students, teachers, and principals of schools who are CoL members or CoL leaders, as well as schools who are resisting CoL membership, and they have some difficult questions to ask of us as teachers and school leaders.

If you are attending the 2017 NZARE Conference at the University of Waikato next week, come along to their symposium: Beyond Māori Boys’ Reading and Writing: Reading and Writing our World.  See their abstract here.

Session 8: Wednesday 22 November Room: SG.02 Time: 1.45 - 3.15pm