Aka Tamaki - Auckland Maori Principals' Association

It's always a privilege to engage with the Aka Tamaki group of Māori principals in Auckland schools. Today I spent the afternoon, following up a presentation I gave to the group last term on Auditing our White Spaces in our schools. Today's challenge was, once you have identified these spaces and practices in your school, what next? The workshop then was Acting on your White Spaces and we discussed some tough questions:

  • If you are a Māori child, what images, symbols, practice, contexts, do you see most (or sometimes, or never!) in front of you every day, in all of the spaces you learn in, and in your regular classroom environment?
  • How much of the practice we see, and perpetuate, in our classrooms is still colonial, assimilationist, pedagogy - how do we change this?

GREAT discussion and more challenges ahead. It's an ongoing korero.

Thanks everyone!